Words Of Encouragement

Published April 20, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Words Of Encouragement

Put your trust in the lord at all time, when the storms of life blow heavily at you, when you feel weak and helpless, when it feels like it is taking too long for a change to come.

Challenges will come that will shake your faith vigorously and test your belief in God but Stand firm. Always run back to the word of God for encouragement, direction, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and strength if you find yourself fainting or wearing out in faith.

Fear, doubt, worry will come, there will be times when you’ll question yourself and the stand you have taken, yep. The devil will try to confuse you about your identity as a child of God and convince you that God doesn’t care about you, but the bible says in James 4:7 submit yourselves unto God, Resist the devil and he will flee from you, fall back to God’s word always.

Situations may arise in your life and in family that shake your faith just to test your belief in God but, stand firm with confidence in God’s word and he will see you through. Some family and friends may avoid your company because you have chosen to stand for God.

Stay Focused, Don’t be discouraged God is by your side. hope you have been blessed  by these words of encouragement, kindly leave a comment below. Thanks

Written By Warepamor Sammy


The Glory Of GOD

Published April 18, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

This is a dance drama video I came across in 2011 that tremendously touched me and blessed my life, it tells of the love of God towards us no matter how far we have strayed away from him and how bad we have become with our life,God is still calling us back with love and compassion. Be Blessed as you watch.

The Essence Of Friendship

Published April 17, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Friendship is like a canoe with two people in it.

It is stressful when there are two people involved in a friendship and just one person is handling the paddle meant for two people to paddle,it becomes uncomfortable,tiring,energy consuming,uninteresting and boring if only one person keeps making efforts and inputs into a friendship for the benefit of two people,if only one person keeps paddling the canoe(friendship)when there is another person who ought to paddle along side there is bound to be stagnancy as a result of the other person’s refusal to contribute in the progress of the friendship(canoe).

And friendship is not a competition, friends ought to complement, encourage, advice and inspire you rather than compete with you over progress, success and achievements. And friends don’t get intimidated by your success instead your success should be an inspiring and motivating factor to their own success and achievements.

In addition they are stepping stones who should lift you higher to achieve your dreams, goals and purpose, they ought to contribute in making your life better.

To contribute positively, inspire changes, bring out the best in you and challenge you to become a better person, this is the very essence of friendship.
Warepamor Sammy


Published September 9, 2013 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Hey Guys today i will be talking to you on fatherhood. All guys aspire to be father’s someday and be better father’s than their fathers and that is one of the hopes and desires of every father that their sons will be better fathers than themselves, but fatherhood has its many responsibilities and i have listed a few do’s and don’ts as fathers to be to inform you on those things you must do as you aspire towards and attain fatherhood to become a more responsible father. Enjoy

1 #DearGuys Don’t be the kind of father your children will be scared of whenever you are home and happy whenever you leave,wishing you always return at night.

2 #DearGuys Don’t be the kind of father your children will be scared of approaching for discussions or to bare their minds with you.

3 #DearGuys Your responsibility as a father is not just providing money, food, cloth and shelter, be part of your children’s lives. Get to know them intimately.

4 #DearGuys Your responsibility as a father is not to send your children to church on Sunday’s,while you seat back at home. Lead by example Go with them.

5 #DearGuys Don’t be the kind of father that forgets the birthday dates of his children,you probably wished, prayed and fasted to have those children so why forget their birthdays? Hello!!!

6 #DearGuys Don’t be the kind of father that addresses his children as”my wife’s children” regardless of how they perform in life either good or bad they are your children.

7 #DearGuys Don’t be so busy with your business that you’ll never spend quality time with your wife and children. Make out time to spend with your wife and kids

Written by : Warepamor Sammy

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Published September 4, 2013 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

So today I will be talking about Birthdays. Birthdays are worth celebrating because its a celebration of life and a time of merry making, having fun and enjoying ones self, but birthdays are not just a time to eat, drink, have fun and receive birthday gifts but its another 365 years added to a person’s life to live more meaningfully and better than you did in the previous year.

It is a time and new year to take steps further towards becoming a better person, a time to realize and recognize one’s talents, skills and abilities and to utilize them maximally, birthdays are a new year to discover more about yourself, your personality, your likes and dislikes and to define  the kind of person you truly are,  birthdays are also a new year to live a well and meaningful lifestyle to appreciate the almighty God for keeping you alive to see another new year and to utilise the new year in making positive impacts in the lives of people and the world at large starting with one person wherever you find yourself.

Birthdays are a time of reflection and stock taking period to count your achievements in the past one year to take stock of your weaknesses and mistakes and to strive to perform better than you have done in the past one year, at least to have an achievement no matter how little or insignificant it may seem to others, it maybe purchasing and owning something you’ve longed to have for a long time, a goal or a dream, starting a project, acquiring a skill or reconciling with a friend or family, getting a new job, being a member of a voluntary organization or NGO, reaching out to and visiting an orphanage home, etc.

Whatever positive thing it is that you do, birthdays are about moving forward in life, making progress, going higher than you have been in your past years and becoming a better person. So have fun, enjoy your day, be a better person in the new year,achieve your dreams and more than you than you have done in the past years and be all that God has created you to be. Cheers to a new year, you are loved. Happy Birthday♥

Written by: Warepamor Sammy

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Advice To Future Parents

Published August 9, 2013 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

To every youth/young person out there reading this and hoping to or planning to get married,we must ensure that we do and strive to perform better than our parents in marriage,let’s fight that misunderstanding,fight those arguments,fight those quarrels,stand against those exchange of fists and stand against those negative verbal exchange of words,fight against extra marital affairs,cheating,

Have the mind set that “This Marriage Must Stand” no matter the arguments,or quarrels or misunderstandings. some of us come from polygamous families and homes,broken homes,unstable families but we must not allow that to be transferred into our own marriages,my heart weeps for the way I see some marriages get shaken to its legs and becomes unstable and in some cases leads to downfall(divorce) and children from such homes grow up to have their own families and end up having same broken homes,

No matter how good things are with your family(your parents)you should make up your mind to be have a better marriage,Be Better Husbands and Better wives,Be responsible caring and loving fathers,husbands,mothers and wives. Aspire to conquer in those areas we see our fathers and mothers failing in marriage and the lapses they have,for some of us our parents have failed in communication with themselves in word and in action,(some men travel without informing their wives’ that they are traveling and where they are traveling to and return without putting a call thru or notice they are returning home)coupled with the derogatory way and manner they communicate with themselves regardless of our presence or anybody present when trying to sort out issues,and that goes a long way to affect some of us because we grow up with the thinking”since my father or mother behaved this way,that’s the same way I ought to behave but#Wrong,

As fathers and mothers that we intend to be in future we must know and understand that certain things are not meant to be discussed and said in front of our kids and for the guys Stop the habit of speaking negatively about your wife’s background and her family background in marriage,you saw all that before you married her you did not complain,say a word or decline from marrying her,you went ahead to marry her,continue with the acts of love you showed during the first periods you met each other so that twenty,fifty,sixty,seventy,hundred years in marriage if christ tarries your marriage will be firm,strong,in order and in Love,

Always seek peaceful means of resolving matters as they arise between you and your husband or wife,not with negative verbal exchange of words or by fighting,for the guys when you cultivate the habit of drawing yourself close to your children rather than pushing them all the time to their mother like some of our father’s do,you will have a better relationship with them and a better understanding of their different personalities and how to handle them. Have time for your children don’t just go out to look for money to cater for the family needs and give money to your wife and children when they need it,have personal time with your children,know them personally,

Children long for the presence,time and attention of their father’s,they long for bonding with their father’s not just their mothers only,they need to be taught how to make decisions and how things are done,else they’ll be influenced negatively from their peers or friends. All these can be achieved really not just by making physical efforts but by also making spiritual efforts by praying,

Pray continuously for your family as you make those physical efforts to achieve your set goals and targets for your family,prayers do for man what he cannot achieve with his own physical abilities,so as you work and make physical efforts towards having a beautiful and blessed home pray along also commit every physical efforts you have made into the hands of the Almighty God and he will bring your heart desires to you. Cheers

Written by Warepamor Sammy

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Qualities Men Look Out For In Women

Published August 8, 2013 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, so there are some qualities men look out for in searching for the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with, I have explained a few of these notable qualities below, such as:

LOVE: Men look out for women who love them truly for who they are, despite their flaws and short comings and inadequacies(this is not to say that men are happy with their flaws, short comings and inadequacies and don’t feel the need or see reasons to change or improve on them) they are not complacent. They desire women who love them not because of what they have acquired, or what they(the women) stand to benefit from the man i.e. money, power, fame, authority etc.
Men also look out for women who will love them indeed and in return for the love they have shown and given to them(the women) and also women who will love their family members as this will foster peace, love and unity between the man, his wife and their families.

RESPECT: Men love women who talk, address and treat them with respect at home and in public. They love to be shown respect in the presence of their family, friends, her friends and in the presence of their children, men also love women who don’t look down on them and compare them with other men.

ABILITY TO COOK: As it is commonly said ” The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Every man loves women who can cook and are happy to have as a wife a woman who is good at cooking I mean not just cooking ordinarily but cooking tastefully,deliciously and able to serve the meal decently, this puts happiness in the family paves way for the man to be able to happily and proudly invite his friends home to savour his wife’s good cooking.

HUMILITY: As a woman, you are expected to be humble generally as a person and be humble towards your husband, his family and your family. Let humility be felt in your manner of conversation and communication, character, attitude and behaviour. Nothing takes off a man’s attention from a woman than when she is full of Pride and arrogance and tries to equate herself to the position of the husband as the head of the family. That is a complete turn off.

A GOOD LISTENER: A woman who has a listening ear and pays keen attention to the voice and directives of her husband is a Great bundle of joy to her husband, she is obedient to the voice of her husband which makes her well detailed and informed about the on goings in the family, she doesn’t make decisions without the consent, knowledge and permission of her husband.

UNDERSTANDING: Women that are “understanding” are the heart desire’s of all men, women who understand the times and season, when conditions and situations are pleasant and unpleasant, times when the storms of life surface unexpectedly. Men also love to know that the woman they are in love with understands their personality, moods, character, attitudes and understand their families(his family and her’s) and family backgrounds not just knowing them, because this will foster peaceful living in happiness between the husband, wife and their families.

PRAYERFUL: A Family that prays together stays together. Men love to know that the woman they are going to spend the rest of their lives with are committed to praying, always committing the family and the affairs of the family into the hands of the able and almighty God, women who turn to God in prayers for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and direction and commit whatever situations as they arise rather than just nagging, complaining and murmuring.

DISCIPLINE: Men love women who are disciplined in word and in character, women who are disciplined enough to know not to spend above what the man is earning, women who would not leave the upbringing of their children in the hands of an house help or house maid and would not tolerate decadence in her children but discipline and correct them when they go wrong and make decisions in accordance to her husband’s will.

ONE WHO IS NOT A TALKATIVE: Women who are talkatives are a complete turnoff to most men because most often they talk so much and fail in listening to the voice of their husbands. Women who also have no control over their mouths, one that is loose with her tongue in speaking and goes about discussing private family issues with all and sundry and gossips are a displeasure to most men.

WELL BEHAVED: Men love women who are well behaved right from their father’s house and in public, women who comport and conduct themselves properly in the presence of family and friends and not women who pretend to be well behaved around the man and in front of his eyes in order to get his attention and then turn around to be someone entirely different when he is not around, she must be able to take care of the home decently, neatly and in a well tidied manner.
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Written By: Warepamor Sammy

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