Interview With Michelle Williams by @PriscillaPWR

Published June 22, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY


Michelle Williams

PW – Thanks Michelle for your willingness to share. Congrats on your single Say Yes’

Michelle- Thank you so much! I am excited for everyone to hear my new music.

PW – I know! I can feel your excitement. Is this your first Nigerian Interview and have you been to Nigeria?

Michelle – No! Not my 1st Nigerian interview! I’ve done a few! I was actually in Lagos, Nigeria last year for an event called The Experience where I actually sang the Nigerian National Anthem. I did TV and Radio there).

PW – Oh really! I actually missed the event since I was not in the country at the time. (For those hearing about it for the first time, The Experience is the largest Gospel Concert in Africa that holds every year hosted by Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on The Rock- and yes it’s my Church Lol!}
I knew you would have done Justice to that. I think Beyoncé also did a rendition too when she visited years ago. Nice…
So tell us about your faith, when and how were you born again? – Your salvation experience?

Michelle – (I was raised outside of Chicago in a town called Rockford! I was raised in the Church! Went to church at least three times a week for bible study, choir rehearsals, Sunday school and Sunday worship!
The church I was raised in is a Pentecostal church called St Paul Church of God in Christ! I’m a COGIC girl! LOL!!! I was involved in the praise and worship team, directed the adult choir starting at the age of about 12!!!
I wouldn’t trade my upbringing for anything in the world! I love The Lord with all my heart and am blessed to have experienced his power at such a young age!!!)
The bible says that if you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.)

michelle williams ministering

Michelle Williams ministering

PW – Oh I’m glad you love the Lord with all your heart and to hear you say you wouldn’t trade your upbringing for anything in the world. That’s a solid legacy. Good for you Michelle. So tell me about the challenges you face as a gospel artist?

Michelle – Some of the challenges I face is people not believing in me or not wanting to play my music because I was in Destiny’s Child! It’s sad that people feel that way but I have to keep moving in what I know I’m called to do.

PW – Sad… Well, everyone with their opinion… I believe this Interview will open the eyes of people to really see who Michelle really is.
Moving on is a wise decision, definitely not everyone will believe in you. Best thing is to please God, do what you know how to do best, and just keep moving
PW – I read your quote online:

“…..It’s just that, right now I’m ready to try something different and to get my name and face out there in a different way….”

Can you shed more light on this statement?

Michelle – That had a lot to do with me feeling like I was put in a box and limited to what I can do! I would say that you should pray about your choices!
I’ve learned some wonnnnnnderful things being in Destiny’s Child and also doing Broadway!! My first love is Gospel music but God has blessed me with other gifts that he has allowed me to share them on big platforms!!!).

PW – Hummn! Well, it’s okay to protest or react when you feel you’re limited or boxed in or when you feel, you have so much to offer and you’re just restrained but I love what you said about praying about your choices. I will definitely take that! Smiles!
So are you strictly a gospel singer now or do you intend going back and forth?

Michelle- (No! I don’t think that I have to ONLY sing Gospel! I love all types of music! I love doing theatre, TV and film! Can’t limit myself to one thing! God wants us to be everywhere we can by being a LIGHT in such a dark world).

PW – I am not disputing that fact – It’s totally okay to do all types of music or be on TV. God knows I wanna be on a Tyler Perry Movie, acting and singing LOL!
As long as we are light shining everywhere, but my questions are; to what extreme? At what cost? How are we shinning the light? Should we as believers not set boundaries? And to set ourselves apart sometimes according to scriptures?
I agree!! As I mature in my walk with Christ, I am learning to set boundaries!!! My favourite scripture is Proverbs 3:6 “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, He will direct thy path!”

PW – Hummn! {Taken aback} Okay you got me there. I must confess I wasn’t expecting that response. And I totally respect you more for that answer. I pray for more grace and strength in your daily walk with Christ.
This brings me to the question of what messages do you intend passing across through your music?
Michelle – Messages of faith, hope, God’s amazing love! His healing power.

michelle williams fire

PW – Oh that’s great. Love that and we can see that in “Say Yes” and previous gospel songs. By the way, I love your song – ‘Fire’ those words are so deep. Yes that reminds me, would you honour a Church invitation in Nigeria?

Michelle – I would love to be invited to sing at some churches in Nigeria.

PW – Oh Great! Trust me they will, after hearing ‘Say Yes’. {Laughing!}
PW – Talking about your single, are you aware that your single-‘Say yes’ is a very popular praise song in Nigeria? I am curious to know how you got familiar with the Song; and why that particular song.

Michelle – Yes, I am aware! The producer of the song is Nigerian! His name is Harmony Samuels! We were actually finished with the recording process of my album and one day he started singing the song to me and the power of God came over me and we ended up recording it).

Watch the video here


PW – Oh Wow! In a bit, we will get to Harmony Samuels. Great Song choice and featuring Beyoncé and Kelly was pretty cool. How do you feel about B and Kelly?

Michelle – I love my sisters unconditionally and we are loyal to each other.

PW – Good answer! I mean who would argue out Love and Loyalty. Definitely not me and talking about Love and Loyalty, I know B and Kelly will read this interview. So I am going to say this:

To Beyonce: Lovely job on your part in ‘Say Yes.’ Honestly, I have imagined you doing strictly gospel and I love the passion at which you use in interpreting and executing your performances even though I might not agree on some things. However, believe me when I say I love you and I also love your rendition of the Nigerian National Anthem. Mennn! God really blessed you with a unique voice!

To Kelly: Kudos on your part in ‘Say Yes.’ You have some depth and I watch you as a great Judge on ‘The XFactor’ I learnt some stuffs from your coaching on the XFactor. God likewise blessed you with a fantastic voice. I pray that Y’all fulfill God’s purpose in this generation. God bless B and Kelly.

PW – Okay back to my special guest, how do you deal with negative criticism and disapprovals from people and the media?

Michelle – I try to deal with it in a positive way, media for the most part has been good for me.

PW – Where there times you felt discouraged as a Christian?
I think we all get discouraged! But I know that God is real and he always works things out.
PW – Very true. Talking of discouragement, it’s so sad getting disturbing news especially from Nigeria. Michelle, I want you to send a prayer out for Nigeria and the missing girls?

Michelle – God I pray for our missing girls and their families! Lord God send your peace right now!
I ask that You change the hearts and minds of the captors and every person with evil plans to harm your children! I pray victory over every household in the mighty name of Jesus….Amen.

PW – Amen!!!! And everyone reading please join us to say a big Amen! Thanks Michelle that was touching.
If you were to compose a song for Nigeria, what will the Title be?

Michelle – (Smiles) The title would be “BEAUTIFUL!”

PW – Awwwwwwh!!!!!
PW – Kindly mention 5 things you want people to know about you

Michelle – I am really funny, I can cook, I really love Jesus, I really love gospel music and I LOVE YOU – PRAISEWORLD RADIO.

PW – I can just imagine Praiseworld Radio Crew saying AWWWWWH!!!!!! Wow to everything… That’s impressive. Any words of encouragement for Praiseworld radio especially as we celebrate our anniversary?

Michelle – Keep going Praiseworld Radio. Thank you for your love and support. And I am so honored to speak with you Priscilla!! Can’t wait to meet you!! Thank you for your love and support. Harmony and I REALLY appreciate you!! Keep in touch!!!

PW – Love, love, love you both. I will definitely keep in touch. Thanks for being our Anniversary Special Guest. And apologies for distracting you from your video shoot and busy schedule Lol!
I know I could be a Loving Pest sometimes I know{Laughing}.

Warm Regards,


This interview was carried out by Priscilla. She is an international correspondent for Praiseworld Gospel Online Radio.

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