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Words Of Encouragement

Published April 20, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Words Of Encouragement

Put your trust in the lord at all time, when the storms of life blow heavily at you, when you feel weak and helpless, when it feels like it is taking too long for a change to come.

Challenges will come that will shake your faith vigorously and test your belief in God but Stand firm. Always run back to the word of God for encouragement, direction, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and strength if you find yourself fainting or wearing out in faith.

Fear, doubt, worry will come, there will be times when you’ll question yourself and the stand you have taken, yep. The devil will try to confuse you about your identity as a child of God and convince you that God doesn’t care about you, but the bible says in James 4:7 submit yourselves unto God, Resist the devil and he will flee from you, fall back to God’s word always.

Situations may arise in your life and in family that shake your faith just to test your belief in God but, stand firm with confidence in God’s word and he will see you through. Some family and friends may avoid your company because you have chosen to stand for God.

Stay Focused, Don’t be discouraged God is by your side. hope you have been blessed  by these words of encouragement, kindly leave a comment below. Thanks

Written By Warepamor Sammy


The Glory Of GOD

Published April 18, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

This is a dance drama video I came across in 2011 that tremendously touched me and blessed my life, it tells of the love of God towards us no matter how far we have strayed away from him and how bad we have become with our life,God is still calling us back with love and compassion. Be Blessed as you watch.

The Essence Of Friendship

Published April 17, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Friendship is like a canoe with two people in it.

It is stressful when there are two people involved in a friendship and just one person is handling the paddle meant for two people to paddle,it becomes uncomfortable,tiring,energy consuming,uninteresting and boring if only one person keeps making efforts and inputs into a friendship for the benefit of two people,if only one person keeps paddling the canoe(friendship)when there is another person who ought to paddle along side there is bound to be stagnancy as a result of the other person’s refusal to contribute in the progress of the friendship(canoe).

And friendship is not a competition, friends ought to complement, encourage, advice and inspire you rather than compete with you over progress, success and achievements. And friends don’t get intimidated by your success instead your success should be an inspiring and motivating factor to their own success and achievements.

In addition they are stepping stones who should lift you higher to achieve your dreams, goals and purpose, they ought to contribute in making your life better.

To contribute positively, inspire changes, bring out the best in you and challenge you to become a better person, this is the very essence of friendship.
Warepamor Sammy

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