Published September 9, 2013 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Hey Guys today i will be talking to you on fatherhood. All guys aspire to be father’s someday and be better father’s than their fathers and that is one of the hopes and desires of every father that their sons will be better fathers than themselves, but fatherhood has its many responsibilities and i have listed a few do’s and don’ts as fathers to be to inform you on those things you must do as you aspire towards and attain fatherhood to become a more responsible father. Enjoy

1 #DearGuys Don’t be the kind of father your children will be scared of whenever you are home and happy whenever you leave,wishing you always return at night.

2 #DearGuys Don’t be the kind of father your children will be scared of approaching for discussions or to bare their minds with you.

3 #DearGuys Your responsibility as a father is not just providing money, food, cloth and shelter, be part of your children’s lives. Get to know them intimately.

4 #DearGuys Your responsibility as a father is not to send your children to church on Sunday’s,while you seat back at home. Lead by example Go with them.

5 #DearGuys Don’t be the kind of father that forgets the birthday dates of his children,you probably wished, prayed and fasted to have those children so why forget their birthdays? Hello!!!

6 #DearGuys Don’t be the kind of father that addresses his children as”my wife’s children” regardless of how they perform in life either good or bad they are your children.

7 #DearGuys Don’t be so busy with your business that you’ll never spend quality time with your wife and children. Make out time to spend with your wife and kids

Written by : Warepamor Sammy

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3 comments on “#DearGuys

  • Nice piece man and. With your kind permission I hereby comment thus; guys one thing you should know is that the mere fact that you have a kid or children as the case may be doesn’t make you a father. Fatherhood is a conscious and delibrate effort that must be achieved if we must lounge in the leaugue of men why I say so is that fathers are real men. Sirs no matter how busy you are please sir make out time even if its by spending nights with them in their room with all the paper works you have to do yes do it there and keep them company sleep in. Their bed with the regularly that way u can breed a good talking relationship with them. The primary purpose why u work is to give your children comfort but I tell comfort is not always in material things its best in the company of a trusted family. Sirs the first symbol of manhood or womanhood for any child is the praents no wonder when you have a good interaction with gays and lesbians they were. Abused by family am trying to make excuses for them my point is be a father and a friend don’t ruin their lives by starving them the company they deserve in you. Another instance is when you look @ these cult kids in schools this days most of them have a disorder they weren’t appreciated,made friends with,loved,cared for but only in rare cases provided for now what we must know is even the best clergy men need companion so sirs and ma’s let’s act wisely. Now not only would I love to be the father of my kids but also the father and brother of my wife. Guys you should be able to fit into the shoes of her father and her brothers and do better than her folks would have done and were doing before you took her in as your wife which means you would need an indepth knowledge of her and how do you achieve this by being her friend and not her boss or manager in the office get her involved and pls before I end here when your kids start to grow older start giving them task to build your trust in them and vice versa like ask dem to make you a meal get them to study a paper and analyse it for you in a writen format in your business expose them that way you can shield them from wrong hands and finally teach them Gods word and saturate their minds and heads with positive words e.g Gods. Word and what you sow on your kneels in prayers you reap in thanksgiving with. Your hands up to God in joy so pray without ceasing. When they begin to turn youths or adults treat them as such my friend ones said if you talk to your man like a kid you would see the kid in him display but treat and adress him like a king( correct,instruct,chastice without spoiling) you would see the king and queen in them. God bless us all


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