Advice To Future Parents

Published August 9, 2013 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

To every youth/young person out there reading this and hoping to or planning to get married,we must ensure that we do and strive to perform better than our parents in marriage,let’s fight that misunderstanding,fight those arguments,fight those quarrels,stand against those exchange of fists and stand against those negative verbal exchange of words,fight against extra marital affairs,cheating,

Have the mind set that “This Marriage Must Stand” no matter the arguments,or quarrels or misunderstandings. some of us come from polygamous families and homes,broken homes,unstable families but we must not allow that to be transferred into our own marriages,my heart weeps for the way I see some marriages get shaken to its legs and becomes unstable and in some cases leads to downfall(divorce) and children from such homes grow up to have their own families and end up having same broken homes,

No matter how good things are with your family(your parents)you should make up your mind to be have a better marriage,Be Better Husbands and Better wives,Be responsible caring and loving fathers,husbands,mothers and wives. Aspire to conquer in those areas we see our fathers and mothers failing in marriage and the lapses they have,for some of us our parents have failed in communication with themselves in word and in action,(some men travel without informing their wives’ that they are traveling and where they are traveling to and return without putting a call thru or notice they are returning home)coupled with the derogatory way and manner they communicate with themselves regardless of our presence or anybody present when trying to sort out issues,and that goes a long way to affect some of us because we grow up with the thinking”since my father or mother behaved this way,that’s the same way I ought to behave but#Wrong,

As fathers and mothers that we intend to be in future we must know and understand that certain things are not meant to be discussed and said in front of our kids and for the guys Stop the habit of speaking negatively about your wife’s background and her family background in marriage,you saw all that before you married her you did not complain,say a word or decline from marrying her,you went ahead to marry her,continue with the acts of love you showed during the first periods you met each other so that twenty,fifty,sixty,seventy,hundred years in marriage if christ tarries your marriage will be firm,strong,in order and in Love,

Always seek peaceful means of resolving matters as they arise between you and your husband or wife,not with negative verbal exchange of words or by fighting,for the guys when you cultivate the habit of drawing yourself close to your children rather than pushing them all the time to their mother like some of our father’s do,you will have a better relationship with them and a better understanding of their different personalities and how to handle them. Have time for your children don’t just go out to look for money to cater for the family needs and give money to your wife and children when they need it,have personal time with your children,know them personally,

Children long for the presence,time and attention of their father’s,they long for bonding with their father’s not just their mothers only,they need to be taught how to make decisions and how things are done,else they’ll be influenced negatively from their peers or friends. All these can be achieved really not just by making physical efforts but by also making spiritual efforts by praying,

Pray continuously for your family as you make those physical efforts to achieve your set goals and targets for your family,prayers do for man what he cannot achieve with his own physical abilities,so as you work and make physical efforts towards having a beautiful and blessed home pray along also commit every physical efforts you have made into the hands of the Almighty God and he will bring your heart desires to you. Cheers

Written by Warepamor Sammy

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