7 Ways To Be A Better Person

Published August 20, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY


All I’ve ever wanted is to be a better person and I’m sure everyone desires to be better than they were in the past.

So I will be sharing with you few tips to becoming a better person.

1) Forgive: Most time people think holding grudges against a person is a way of punishing those who offend them, but that actually happens in the reverse they are actually punishing themselves.

Forgiving frees the mind off the heavy burden of hurt,anger,hatred it sets a prisoner free and later realising the prisoner was you. I know how it feels to be deeply hurt,treated badly and rejected Matt 6:14-15 says” for if we forgive men their trespasses our heavenly father will also forgive us but if we don’t forgive neither will God forgive us our trespasses”.

And a friend once said to us in a gathering back in school,She said “Prepare your mind…

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Exclusive Interview With Nosa

Published July 21, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Hello Y’all so my next interview is with Chocolate City’s Finest Gospel Artist, a very rare talent to reckon with both nationally and globally. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Nosa Omoregie  (Rounds of applause)!!!!!!!!

Welcome Nosa !!!!

Pastor Nosa

 1) Let’s go to the beginning how it all started, How and when did you start your music career and when did you start doing music professionally?

Nosa: I started singing in the children’s choir at an early age* Professionally I would say, I started in 2007 when I recorded my first song.

2) How did you get signed into chocolate city music group and how’s your relationship with other artists signed on the label?

Nosa: I lived next door to the legend Jeffrey Daniel of d Shalimar fame and he heard my music and introduced me to Audu Maikori the Chocolate City Ceo who was a co-judge with him on Nigerian Idol season 1.  Audu heard my songs and decided that I had what it took to be on the label. My relationship with the other chocolate city artistes has always been very cordial and respectful.

3) How did you come about the title of your album, what are your expectations for the album open doors and what’s your favourite track on the album?

Nosa's Album Cover

Nosa: I thought about a name that would describe an arrival at and access into your destination.

And decided to cone up with that name. I also have a song on the album called Open Doors. The album will not only be a huge blessing to millions, it will inspire others to do good music, It will have a huge impact. I do not have any particular favourite

4) Lots of christians have condemned the act of featuring secular artists by gospel artists and you featured mi abaga on one of your tracks, what do have to say about it?Nosa's album back cover

Nosa: I don’t see anything wrong with that from a professional stand point. As long as the message is not contaminated.
People should not be quick to judge, In the end follow whatever God lays in your spirit no matter how unpopular it may be among Christians.

5) How do you get inspired to write your songs and what’s the message you intend to pass through the album open doors?

Nosa: I look at life as a whole and the different issues we face and I try to address different issues, Love, life, faith, God, circumstances we face and so one. I look to inspire people and address all these areas from my perspective as a Christian.
The open doors album I planned the album to address every area of a man’s existence though the word of God and good music.

6) What’s your own style of music and who are those that inspired your style of music?

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Interview With Michelle Williams by @PriscillaPWR

Published June 22, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY


Michelle Williams

PW – Thanks Michelle for your willingness to share. Congrats on your single Say Yes’

Michelle- Thank you so much! I am excited for everyone to hear my new music.

PW – I know! I can feel your excitement. Is this your first Nigerian Interview and have you been to Nigeria?

Michelle – No! Not my 1st Nigerian interview! I’ve done a few! I was actually in Lagos, Nigeria last year for an event called The Experience where I actually sang the Nigerian National Anthem. I did TV and Radio there).

PW – Oh really! I actually missed the event since I was not in the country at the time. (For those hearing about it for the first time, The Experience is the largest Gospel Concert in Africa that holds every year hosted by Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on The Rock- and yes it’s my Church Lol!}
I knew you would have done Justice to that. I think Beyoncé also did a rendition too when she visited years ago. Nice…
So tell us about your faith, when and how were you born again? – Your salvation experience?

Michelle – (I was raised outside of Chicago in a town called Rockford! I was raised in the Church! Went to church at least three times a week for bible study, choir rehearsals, Sunday school and Sunday worship!
The church I was raised in is a Pentecostal church called St Paul Church of God in Christ! I’m a COGIC girl! LOL!!! I was involved in the praise and worship team, directed the adult choir starting at the age of about 12!!!
I wouldn’t trade my upbringing for anything in the world! I love The Lord with all my heart and am blessed to have experienced his power at such a young age!!!)
The bible says that if you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.)

michelle williams ministering

Michelle Williams ministering

PW – Oh I’m glad you love the Lord with all your heart and to hear you say you wouldn’t trade your upbringing for anything in the world. That’s a solid legacy. Good for you Michelle. So tell me about the challenges you face as a gospel artist?

Michelle – Some of the challenges I face is people not believing in me or not wanting to play my music because I was in Destiny’s Child! It’s sad that people feel that way but I have to keep moving in what I know I’m called to do.

PW – Sad… Well, everyone with their opinion… I believe this Interview will open the eyes of people to really see who Michelle really is.
Moving on is a wise decision, definitely not everyone will believe in you. Best thing is to please God, do what you know how to do best, and just keep moving
PW – I read your quote online:

“…..It’s just that, right now I’m ready to try something different and to get my name and face out there in a different way….”

Can you shed more light on this statement?

Michelle – That had a lot to do with me feeling like I was put in a box and limited to what I can do! I would say that you should pray about your choices!
I’ve learned some wonnnnnnderful things being in Destiny’s Child and also doing Broadway!! My first love is Gospel music but God has blessed me with other gifts that he has allowed me to share them on big platforms!!!).

PW – Hummn! Well, it’s okay to protest or react when you feel you’re limited or boxed in or when you feel, you have so much to offer and you’re just restrained but I love what you said about praying about your choices. I will definitely take that! Smiles!
So are you strictly a gospel singer now or do you intend going back and forth?

Michelle- (No! I don’t think that I have to ONLY sing Gospel! I love all types of music! I love doing theatre, TV and film! Can’t limit myself to one thing! God wants us to be everywhere we can by being a LIGHT in such a dark world).

PW – I am not disputing that fact – It’s totally okay to do all types of music or be on TV. God knows I wanna be on a Tyler Perry Movie, acting and singing LOL!
As long as we are light shining everywhere, but my questions are; to what extreme? At what cost? How are we shinning the light? Should we as believers not set boundaries? And to set ourselves apart sometimes according to scriptures?
I agree!! As I mature in my walk with Christ, I am learning to set boundaries!!! My favourite scripture is Proverbs 3:6 “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, He will direct thy path!”

PW – Hummn! {Taken aback} Okay you got me there. I must confess I wasn’t expecting that response. And I totally respect you more for that answer. I pray for more grace and strength in your daily walk with Christ.
This brings me to the question of what messages do you intend passing across through your music?
Michelle – Messages of faith, hope, God’s amazing love! His healing power.

michelle williams fire

PW – Oh that’s great. Love that and we can see that in “Say Yes” and previous gospel songs. By the way, I love your song – ‘Fire’ those words are so deep. Yes that reminds me, would you honour a Church invitation in Nigeria?

Michelle – I would love to be invited to sing at some churches in Nigeria.

PW – Oh Great! Trust me they will, after hearing ‘Say Yes’. {Laughing!}
PW – Talking about your single, are you aware that your single-‘Say yes’ is a very popular praise song in Nigeria? I am curious to know how you got familiar with the Song; and why that particular song.

Michelle – Yes, I am aware! The producer of the song is Nigerian! His name is Harmony Samuels! We were actually finished with the recording process of my album and one day he started singing the song to me and the power of God came over me and we ended up recording it).

Watch the video here


PW – Oh Wow! In a bit, we will get to Harmony Samuels. Great Song choice and featuring Beyoncé and Kelly was pretty cool. How do you feel about B and Kelly?

Michelle – I love my sisters unconditionally and we are loyal to each other.

PW – Good answer! I mean who would argue out Love and Loyalty. Definitely not me and talking about Love and Loyalty, I know B and Kelly will read this interview. So I am going to say this:

To Beyonce: Lovely job on your part in ‘Say Yes.’ Honestly, I have imagined you doing strictly gospel and I love the passion at which you use in interpreting and executing your performances even though I might not agree on some things. However, believe me when I say I love you and I also love your rendition of the Nigerian National Anthem. Mennn! God really blessed you with a unique voice!

To Kelly: Kudos on your part in ‘Say Yes.’ You have some depth and I watch you as a great Judge on ‘The XFactor’ I learnt some stuffs from your coaching on the XFactor. God likewise blessed you with a fantastic voice. I pray that Y’all fulfill God’s purpose in this generation. God bless B and Kelly.

PW – Okay back to my special guest, how do you deal with negative criticism and disapprovals from people and the media?

Michelle – I try to deal with it in a positive way, media for the most part has been good for me.

PW – Where there times you felt discouraged as a Christian?
I think we all get discouraged! But I know that God is real and he always works things out.
PW – Very true. Talking of discouragement, it’s so sad getting disturbing news especially from Nigeria. Michelle, I want you to send a prayer out for Nigeria and the missing girls?

Michelle – God I pray for our missing girls and their families! Lord God send your peace right now!
I ask that You change the hearts and minds of the captors and every person with evil plans to harm your children! I pray victory over every household in the mighty name of Jesus….Amen.

PW – Amen!!!! And everyone reading please join us to say a big Amen! Thanks Michelle that was touching.
If you were to compose a song for Nigeria, what will the Title be?

Michelle – (Smiles) The title would be “BEAUTIFUL!”

PW – Awwwwwwh!!!!!
PW – Kindly mention 5 things you want people to know about you

Michelle – I am really funny, I can cook, I really love Jesus, I really love gospel music and I LOVE YOU – PRAISEWORLD RADIO.

PW – I can just imagine Praiseworld Radio Crew saying AWWWWWH!!!!!! Wow to everything… That’s impressive. Any words of encouragement for Praiseworld radio especially as we celebrate our anniversary?

Michelle – Keep going Praiseworld Radio. Thank you for your love and support. And I am so honored to speak with you Priscilla!! Can’t wait to meet you!! Thank you for your love and support. Harmony and I REALLY appreciate you!! Keep in touch!!!

PW – Love, love, love you both. I will definitely keep in touch. Thanks for being our Anniversary Special Guest. And apologies for distracting you from your video shoot and busy schedule Lol!
I know I could be a Loving Pest sometimes I know{Laughing}.

Warm Regards,


This interview was carried out by Priscilla. She is an international correspondent for Praiseworld Gospel Online Radio.

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Interview With Eben

Published June 13, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Hey  Y’all i’m back again and this time I have with me one of God’s Generals, A Dynamic Multi Award Winning Gospel Rock Artist, He is a worshipper, Song Writer and Minister Of The Gospel. His name is EBEN (rounds of applause) !!!!!



1) You’ve been married for 7months now, what does it feel like being married, How much has  changed about eben as a person?

Eben – It’s been wonderful ever since I got married more blessings and more favour ,indeed “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.

2) You carry the presence of God when you minister on stage and people are touched and blessed. How do you prepare yourself before you minister on stage?

Eben – I try to find out what the program is about because no two programs are the same then I pray along in that direction usually in tongues(if you know what I mean)..

3) You ministered alongside international great gospel ministers like don moen, cece winans , yolanda adams , donnie mcclurkin at the experience last year. Are you working on a collaboration with any of them?

Eben – When the time is right you’ll hear..

4)How do you handle being an artist and a husband since both positions require your attention?

Eben – Wisdom is profitable to direct but really I just give the best of me in any capacity I am required to perform that way one does not suffer for the other..



5) When should your fans be expecting your next album and what should they be expecting from the album and eben in 2014?

Eben – I am not sure yet if there will be an album for 2014,but we are still praying about it while work is going on, there are powerful songs on ground already ,we just waiting till He says go.

6) When putting together an album, What do you intend to achieve/accomplish and would you say you’ve been able to achieve your set objectives from your previous albums?

Eben – Before I pen down any song or hit the studios, I always want to know the mind of God concerning any move. When He is involved you cannot be ignored. God is passionate about relationship with us and I believe strongly that the “justified” album and the previous ones have all achieved that purpose(fostering worship and relationship with God).

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Interview with Onos Ariyo

Published June 8, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Yes Yes Y’all so my very first interview on the blog is with a multi award winning, sensational, dynamic and passionate gospel singer and her name is…… Onos Ariyo  (applause) yeahhhh!!!


1) Let’s go back to how it all started for you, When did you start your music career and who are the people that influenced and inspired you?

Onos – Singing for me started at a very tender age way back in delta state where I’m originally from . Been singing in youth choir in church and also in school fellowship even in my university days so I can practically say that singing started for me at age 8, but I recorded my very first single ” DANCE ” 2009 so the music journey as a career actually kicked off from then and I’ve been at it none stop from 2009 till date my first album dropped in 2010 and the sophomore album  is dropping this year by God’s grace .

My inspirations have been firstly God , He has been my driving force also the passion for music has also inspired me to keep dreaming and living  my dreams , My pastors have been strong influence over my ministry , music wise I grew up listening to the likes of Mary Mary , Fred harmmond, Lauren hill , Yolanda Adams etc their sound kinda influenced me in different ways. I’ve grown over the years and I think at this moment I building a strong ONOS sound.

2) What are the challenges you encounter as a gospel artist and how do you overcome them?

Onos – As an artist generally it is not easy to make music in Nigeria and get it distributed through the appropriate channels like the way it is done abroad a lot of structures are still not yet in place so what we have here is the artist doing the work of a distributor, promoter, marketer etc. when the artist is just meant to concentrate on making music and also being a gospel artist in this environment you will have to work extra hard to get your music out there.

Things can get a lot better if we had more people investing in promoting our music but the good news is the system is not the way it use to be like 5yrs ago there are different means you can now promote your music as an artist using the social media platform.

3) How has gospel music as a ministry been able to win souls to Christ?

Onos – Hmmmmm I believe the reason for “gospel music ” is to share the good news of Christ I strongly believe a lot of my colleagues and myself are doing that with our songs.

4) You are a prolific soul vocalist How do you get inspired to write your songs and how do you train and maintain your vocal quality?

Onos Ariyo

 Onos – I read, I get ideas , get inspired from the different things I and people generally go through in life. The different challenges that life throws at you and you overcome through the mercies and grace of God is enough to give you a song to sing that is how i write my songs and also I sing regularly and when the voice is tired I rest the voice take a break from the activity and just chill that is how I maintain my vocal quality.

5) You just released the highly anticipated video for your single Everything has changed, what inspired you to write that song and what’s the message??

Onos – The message of the song is very clear by just listening to the song it is a prophetic sound and it is meant to take the listeners to their next level in very stage or phase of their lives.

My friend who produced the song Wilson Joel created a sample beat and chorus for the song and sent it to me he asked me what I thouht about it, I listened to it and was like yeah it sounds I like what I can jump on so I got into the studio and just sang like I was feeling it and was just speaking into my life because the truth about singing is if you can feel it deeply inside you then someone is surely going to feel  it as well and there we have it “everything has changed ” came to life.

Watch the video here

6) What is it about onos that your fans don’t know about you?

Onos – Hmmmmm *thinking* a lot of them definitely don’t know that I love  to window shop …. Just sha dey waka round the store dey look cloth plus baby tinz join … LOL!!

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7 Ways To Be A Better Person

Published May 21, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

All I’ve ever wanted is to be a better person and I’m sure everyone desires to be better than they were in the past.

So I will be sharing with you few tips to becoming a better person.

1) Forgive: Most time people think holding grudges against a person is a way of punishing those who offend them, but that actually happens in the reverse they are actually punishing themselves.

Forgiving frees the mind off the heavy burden of hurt,anger,hatred it sets a prisoner free and later realising the prisoner was you. I know how it feels to be deeply hurt,treated badly and rejected Matt 6:14-15 says” for if we forgive men their trespasses our heavenly father will also forgive us but if we don’t forgive neither will God forgive us our trespasses”.

And a friend once said to us in a gathering back in school,She said “Prepare your mind to forgive even before the hurt comes so that way it will be easier to forgive” Since God forgives us daily let us also forgive others and let the matter go.

Be You
Be Yourself

2) Be Yourself: There’s way too much of fakery out there,too many people trying to be like,act like and sound like someone else. One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make everyone be like someone else. Be yourself,be original, Be You.


Stay Humble

3) Be Humble: Humility takes a man to the top and paves way for him ,so whether at work, at home or at school be humble James 4:10 says “Humbles yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time



4) Self Control: Most times we find ourselves in situations when we are tempted to react offensively not minding who we are hurting by our actions or do things over board.

Having self control puts us in check and will help you to refrain from having certain unhealthy eating patterns,relationships,friendships,refraining from saying certain things even when angry,Someone like me whose anger is as bad as the hulk or even exceedingly more than the hulk,it takes the grace of God to calm me down.

I have realized how bad and messy things could go wrong if I don’t have control over my anger, So I apply self control.  Starting it might not be an easy job but with time you can train yourself to have control over your emotions,appetite,anger e.t.c.

Hope Alive

Be Hopeful

5) Be Hopeful: Always look at the brighter side of life, even though things may not be working as you want now and situations around you are unpleasant, be hopeful and expect that better things will come to you, that positive changes will come into your life and in your family. Be hopeful.

6) Put a smile☺ on someone’s face: Sometimes our blessings in life comes as a result of being a blessing first to the next person. A candle never looses its light by giving light to another candle so take your candle go light your world and put a smile on someone’s face.
A word of encouragement or advice,a kind gesture,a simple simple show of concern to know how well the next person is doing can go a long way in putting smiles in the face of the person.

7) Associate With People Who Inspire You: Evil communications corrupts good manners. Avoid the company of people who bring you down with their words,people who live average normal lives and talk down your aspirations,intentions and ambitions.

Stop sharing your dreams,goals and visions with people who would tell you how bigger than you and impossible your ambitions are.
In Gen 37:5-20 Joseph told his “brothers” his dreams,they were filled with envy and jealous,they hated him and planned to kill him to ensure his dreams doesn’t come to pass. Associate with people who bring out something good in you
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and these tips are useful to you. Warepamor Sammy

The Foolish Master Builder

Published May 4, 2014 by WAREPAMOR SAMMY

Once upon a time there lived a man called Bankole, whose occupation was building and construction.

Bankole was a diligent and hardworking man focused on his business always, ensuring he satisfies the demands of his clients. Though bankole wasn’t living in a comfortable well furnished home, he always believed that with hard work, efficiency and faith in God one day he would earn enough money to build for himself, his wife and children a beautiful, comfortable and tastefully well furnished home.

News about his satisfactory trust worthy and good business dealings and reputation began to spread as one satisfied client introduced him to another client who introduced him to another bigger client. Bankole was really excited and happy that the years of his hard work and labour was gradually paying off, he could see his dreams and plans coming to pass gradually as he was becoming successful with his business.

Bankole always wished that he would be invited to the opening ceremonies of the houses he had built but was never invited. One day one of his big clients who had introduced him to other clients requested that he build a master piece which is more expensive and bigger than the other buildings bankole had ever built, he wondered what such a big building would be needed for, perhaps an hotel or a guest house he thought to himself.

In a discussion with his friend’s bankole informed his friend’s about his clients request for a high cost building with a complex architectural design and asked what they thought such a building will be needed for, it really should not be your concern one of his friend’s said, do your job and make your money another added, now is the time to make your money and get rich you can use inferior quality materials after all they trust you and won’t know it, the third said to him.

After much thought and consideration of his friend’s , he decided to use lower quality building materials in the construction of the building requested by his client, saving a large part of the money for himself. After constructing the building,surprisingly the client invited him for the opening ceremony and he wondered why and on getting into the building he saw lots of big men and women standing at the entrance of the building, immediately his client called out to him to come and stand in the front of the building and though he was confused as to why he was called he walked to the entrance of the building and his client announced to the congregation saying” This House belongs to mr bankole the builder of this house, I am giving this house to you mr bankole as a gift for you and your family to live in.

Moral of the story: Gal 6:9 Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.

Written by: Warepamor Sammy

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